Progress through focused development. 


Innovation is key to our success. Many surgical and diagnostic procedures have migrated from the inpatient setting to the cost effective outpatient setting resulting in significant growth of the ASC industry. This migration has been propelled by clinical advances, including improvements in anesthesia and pharmaceuticals; innovation in surgery, including development of technology for minimally invasive procedures; and an overwhelming preference among physicians and patients for quality and convenience. 

Expansion of reimbursed procedures

Approximately 3,500 surgical procedures performed in ASCs are reimbursed by Medicare. As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to add surgical procedures to Medicare's list of approved procedures, this will further expand our opportunities for growth.

Innovation is key to our success.
Staying ahead of advancements in healthcare to improve quality and convenience.


Through our strong relationships with vendors and suppliers we remain ahead of the innovation curve constantly researching new procedures, techniques, and technology, and equipment. 


Providing our facilities with a comprehensive package on a complete implementation of new innovations allows for an accelerated implementation timeframe.

Innovative ancillary services

Through our portfolio of companies, Surgery Partners is committed to providing the healthcare industry with a wide breadth of innovative solutions that improve quality of care, outcomes, and access. The Alliance is leading buying group for optical products and medical supplies for independent eye practitioners. Logan Labs is a premier full-service toxicology laboratory with a proven drug confirmation process that utilizes modern day technology to provide accurate results. Logan Labs specializes in pain management assurance testing and has developed a confirmation process that is dependable, timely, and accurate.