Our Mission

To deliver high quality and convenient healthcare services to the communities we serve, creating exceptional value for our physicians and patients. 

Our Financial Partner

H.I.G. Capital is a leading equity investment firm with more than $15 billion of equity capital under management. The firm specializes in providing capital to small and medium-sized companies where it can play a significant role in helping to unlock the value potential therein. The H.I.G. team has substantial operating, consulting, technology, and financial management experience, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies. Since its founding in 1993, H.I.G. has invested in more than 200 businesses throughout the United States and Europe.

Our Strategy

Key components of our strategy include: 
  • Establishing strong relationships with leading, highly respected physicians is a critical factor in our success. We know the key to these strong relationships is focusing with passion. 
  • Capitalizing on our experienced management team to pursue multiple growth opportunities. We have extensive experience and an impressive track record in the healthcare industry, enabling the company to pursue multiple growth strategies including providing innovative solutions to our physicians and patients.
  • Increasing revenues and profitability of existing facilities through operational focus. We have established a dedicated team, responsible for implementing best practices, cost controls, and overall efficiencies at each of our facilities while providing the highest quality of care. 
  • Pursuing a disciplined strategy of acquiring and developing surgical facilities, physician practices, and ancillary services. These targeted development opportunities must meet very selective criteria. Our unique approach to growth, both internal and through acquisition or development, results in a more efficient and successful partnership going forward.